Opera far and wide

Last week’s report from Telemarksforskning emerged as a fierce and thorough piece evaluation of opera funded by Norway’s Culture Ministry, exploring district and regional organisations outside Oslo. Ten companies! – the number in itself is startling and surely confounds the thinking that only the capital cities can be centres of excellence. Norway should be proud […]

A dog’s life in Larvik

“You´ll have time to have coffee at the station” someone said. I´d just come off an early flight from Bergen. Torp station, bathed in sunlight, boasts three teenage girls sniggering into i-phones, a bench and two rusting bicycles. Ripening crops glow in surrounding fields, and a cat is washing in a leisurely way, draped across […]

Mimì Goes Glamping – a whole new way of enjoying opera!

It all started, as many off-the-wall projects are wont to do, with an evening in the pub. The conversation veered to festivals – Coachella, Wilderness, Latitude – and how they increasingly blend high-end rock with other unashamedly high-end lifestyle activities. Just as we were rolling our eyes about yoga at dawn and inflatable camping furniture, […]