Like it or not…

After reading an article in the FT´s magazine about typography fonts and how critical they are to communications between the ultra-cool (”I would never date a girl who used Times Roman” says a shocked young IT blood) I realise that from now on any blog worth its consonants simply must be written in Helvetica Neue. […]

Hear Rachel Nicholls sing from Fidelio and talk about her role as Leonore

Every operatic cast turns out to have an anchor – someone who never wavers, never fusses, never loses focus. It´s not usual, though, for a young singer embarking on her debut in one of opera´s most demanding roles to take on the additional role of being the ‘rock’. But when you watch and listen to […]

What´s the word for…..?

We are always proud of our international cast and creative teams at Bergen National Opera. Now, however, we appear to have a small global convention downstairs in Klokkeklang, the somewhat airless little space in which we work before our productions can have access to the main Grieg Hall stage. So, for Beethoven´s Fidelio, we have […]

Edward Seckerson talks Bergen Opera to Mary Miller and Andrew Litton

What makes Beethoven’s Fidelio great – but still makes the opera the ‘problem child’ of so many directors? Mary Miller and conductor Andrew Litton talk to UK journalist Edward Seckerson about Bergen National Opera and a whole new conception for staging Beethoven’s masterpiece. Listen to the podcast  

A week of Opera Europa, Benjamin Britten and two exciting set models

I spent Sunday with Benjamin Britten. Two very different concerts, the first with the inspirational Jan Bjøranger´s marvellous 1B1 ensemble, a mix of high level conservatoire students from Kristiansand, Stavanger and Bergen, mentored by players from those cities´ symphony orchestras (and frequently by top-level European players). Now, the initiative is expanding to include 1B1 ’junior’ […]